5 ways to encourage handwriting this school year

(BPT) – Handwriting is an essential part of a child’s education, as it allows children to express their creativity and develop their best self. Research shows that handwriting promotes critical thinking, reading comprehension and fine motor skills development.

“I’ve found that the more my kids write at home, the more confidence they have at school,’ says Kristen Chase, a mom of four, parenting expert, and co-founder of CoolMomPicks.com. “And because handwriting helps them in so many other areas of their life as well, I’m all for giving them as much practice as possible.”

Chase partnered with BIC to share tips to get those hands (and minds) warmed up for the upcoming school year with some extra fun attention to handwriting!

1. Let kids write about something they know a lot about – themselves! Encourage children to take notes of experiences and moments that are important to them, like writing a journal about their summer vacation or recapping a recent celebration.

2. Download handwriting activities that are themed around your kids’ interests. There are a ton of cool, free printable worksheets on the web these days that are tailored to what kids are interested in. Visit the Handwriting Hub at BICFightForYourWrite.com for fun activities, such as calendars, birthday cards and more. Plus, it’s a great resource for parents who want to learn more about the benefits of handwriting!

3. Write fan mail. Help your child write a letter to their favorite singer, animated character, or even the tooth fairy! Whether you actually send the letter or just take a photo and put it on social media, it’s a fantastic way to get kids writing without them realizing they’re practicing.

4. Get your kids their own fun supplies. There’s just nothing like opening a fresh new box of school supplies! BIC has an assortment of fun pens and pencils available this back-to-school season that come in different colors and writing styles. Also, consider giving your kids a nice set of stationery or a personalized notebook to go along with them. The right tools can excite and motivate kids to write their way to success.

5. Join BIC’s Fight For Your Write mission to celebrate handwriting. Visit BICFightForYourWrite.com to take the pledge to celebrate handwriting. BIC will donate one pen or pencil per pledge (maximum donation 200,000) to AdoptAClassroom.org, giving kids in need the tools to write and inspiring them to reach their potential.

‘Writing is a wonderful way to let kids explore their creativity and express themselves,’ Chase says. “And working on writing activities together with your kids can be an awesome opportunity to slow down and connect with them, which we all can appreciate during the busy back-to-school season.”