Foot care tips to keep vacationers on the go

(BPT) – Clothing, passport, toiletries, accessories — when you travel you have a lot of important items to fit into your suitcase. But two of the most essential ingredients in an enjoyable vacation don’t go in your luggage: your own feet. Whether you’re walking on a sandy beach or strolling through a bustling marketplace, healthy feet that feel and look great can make the journey much more enjoyable.

Here are foot care tips to help get your feet travel-ready:

Before you go

If your vacation is to a warm destination where you’ll spend time in sandals and flip flops, treating yourself to a pre-trip pedicure can help your feet look their best. Be sure to choose a reputable salon and bring your own instruments. Remember, toenails should always be trimmed straight across and never let anyone cut your cuticles.

You can also take care of unsightly and uncomfortable toe and foot fungus infections before you go. Over-the-counter treatments like Fungi-Nail(R) Toe & Foot(R) can quickly and easily help clear up toe and foot fungus and athlete’s foot. The product begins killing fungus on contact and helps stop it from spreading. ClearGuard moisture block technology ensures the medicine will stay on your feet, no matter how much you sweat or how often you dip in the water. You can also use Nailner(R) for healthy, brighter nails fast. Nailner is a convenient pen that whitens discolored fungal nails with results you can see in just seven days. An eight-week consumer trial showed Nailner is effective in reducing nail thickness.

While you may be tempted to only pack cute flip flops for your beach trip, and impressive fashion boots for cooler locales, keep comfort in mind, too. Walking in uncomfortable shoes can cause blisters and chafing; sore feet can really dim your enjoyment of vacation. Never take brand new shoes on vacation. Instead pack a few pairs of comfortable shoes made of breathable, natural materials and try to stick with a lower, cushioned sole.

Finally, pack a foot care kit that includes bandages for covering minor cuts and scrapes, antibiotic cream, an emollient-enriched moisturizer, an anti-fungal (like Fungi-Nail), blister pads, an oral anti-inflammatory medication to ease tired and swollen feet, Nailner nail renewal pen to keep your nails looking whiter and brighter while at your destination, sunscreen and sunburn cream.

On the move

While on vacation, change socks daily to help reduce the risk of fungal infection. You should also avoid walking barefoot in public places like pools, locker rooms and showers. If you pick up a fungal infection while traveling, treat it promptly to prevent it from spreading.

If your feet will be exposed to the sun on the beach, remember to apply sunscreen to them too. Since feet can swell in hot climates, be sure to drink plenty of water that will help keep you hydrated and minimize swelling.

It is important to choose footwear that’s appropriate for the type of activity you’ll be doing each day. It’s normal for feet to feel a little tired and sore after a long day of walking around seeing the sights. But, if serious pain occurs or your feet continue to hurt even after you’ve returned home, you should talk to your doctor.

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