From Brazil to China – flavor exploration has never been easier

(BPT) – No matter where you live, you seek authentic flavors from countries around the world, and tasting those flavors can offer a glimpse into the many different cultures and cuisines. In fact, three out of five people feel they have become more adventurous when it comes to trying ethnic cuisines, according to a recent Mintel study.

Lay’s is putting this fact to the test by bringing some of the top world flavors to the States in potato chip form. Now you can take a worldwide vacation in just one bite with new international flavors like Brazilian Picanha, Chinese Szechuan Chicken, Greek Tzatziki and Indian Tikka Masala to stamp your passport to flavor.

By purchasing specially marked packages of these Lay’s flavors and entering the on-pack code online, you can  collect “miles” and “passport stamps” for a chance to win travel gear, getaways and other travel-themed prizes. Complete details and rules are available at

In the spirit of cultural discovery and international flavor exploration, here are some other one-of-a-kind potato chip flavors you can find all over the globe:


Delicious barbecued meat, hearty stews with black beans and the famous pao de queijo, or cheese bread, are just a few of the dishes you’ll find throughout Brazil. But you can also find some eccentric flavors in this country that locals enjoy from Elma Chips including: Sensações Fit Frango Assado, Sensações Fit Peito De Peru and Sensações Cebola E Shoyo. Each of these flavors pulls from popular cuisines from around the world, bringing Brazilians a unique cultural experience.


You can get Chinese food almost anywhere, but have you heard about the unusual potato chip flavors available in China? Lay’s Nature Potato Chips has Cucumber, Numb and Spicy Hot Pot, Fresh and Light Seaweed, and Grilled Beef to take local’s taste buds on a global adventure, proving that they have a passion for some of the best flavors worldwide.


Famous Indian foods like Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken and chickpea curry help create the country’s reputation for rich and unique flavors. But the people of India also enjoy the tastes from neighboring countries and beyond like Thai Sweet Chili and Swiss Grilled Cheese, both from Lay’s, that bring them to another place.


With blue waters and historic architecture, Greece is known for its rich cultural experience. And when you think of Greek food, Tzatziki sauce, gyros and Kalamata olives might come to mind. To mix and match with their favorite dishes, Greeks can enjoy Lay’s Oregano, Feta or Prawn Cocktail flavored chips to celebrate the flavors of their heritage.