Tips for last-minute family travel

(BPT) – Everything takes more time with young children in tow. When even a simple grocery store trip takes strategic planning, most parents forget about organizing a weekend getaway, especially if it’s spontaneous.

The truth is, small kids can be amazing travel companions with a little forethought. Use these smart parent planning tips whenever you’re feeling pangs of wanderlust. This weekend’s last-minute travel adventure could turn into incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Limit drive time to 3 hours or less

When it’s just you and your partner, the journey is part of the excitement of traveling. For kids, time in the car is boring at best and agitating at worst. To avoid tantrums and too many “Are we there yet?” questions, limit travel time to three hours or less.

If you have young kids, try leaving early in the morning so they fall back asleep or plan to travel during nap periods. For older kids, pack plenty of activities, load up the mobile device with new apps and buy some inexpensive-yet-fun surprises they can open along the way.

Find a hotel with room to spread out

To ensure an enjoyable trip, you want the comforts and space of home when you’re on vacation. Being stuck in one room with few amenities can be a travel nightmare, especially if you have kids who like to move or a baby who goes to bed at 7 p.m.

The Staybridge Suites brand is a great example of a family-friendly hotel that encourages its guests to make the space their own and have fun. The brand has spacious suites with up to two bedrooms and two baths and a full kitchen so the family can spread out. You can even bring your pet with you so your family is complete.

Want to meet other families or get out and roam? Enjoy the outdoor pool, explore the gazebos and grill up some dinner. The complimentary breakfast (with waffles!) is sure to please kids both young and old.

Avoid a heavy itinerary

The beauty of last-minute travel is, your family doesn’t have to stick to a strict schedule. Kids want to spend the morning at the pool? Go for it. Then, sneak in a quick nap with your toddler before visiting the local museum in the afternoon. Because you’re not stuck with an extensive itinerary, you can kick back and enjoy some quality bonding time together.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t explore the area; it’s about finding a good stress-free balance. For weekend excursions, focus on one main activity you’d like to accomplish, such as visiting an amusement park or local monument. For longer trips, plan no more than one activity per day to avoid burnout.

Have the last-minute vacation blues because everything is booked? If tickets are sold out, ask to be put on a cancellation list. It’s highly possible your family will be able to sneak in at the last last-minute, and you may even get a discount for filling the spot on short notice.

You don’t have to avoid last-minute travel until your kids are grown. With these tips, spontaneous vacations might just be your new favorite activity.

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